Custom Leather Pricing

Picosa Creek Leather by Dani G
~Custom Pricing~ 

~If you have questions or products that aren’t answered/listed below feel free to ask! 

~Contact for specific hand drawn art such as cowboy scenes, hunting, etc. (Prices will vary on complexity)

~Don’t know what you want quite yet? Let’s discuss your ideas, I am more than happy to add my two cents!

Contact - IG @picosacreek.leather (best way)

**These prices are just to give an idea, they are not set in stone and will vary project to project**



$95         Plain ~ No tooling, Stitching pattern of choice

$250         Geometric Stamp ~ Basket weave, diamond, cross hatch, etc.

$340      Geometric & Floral ~ Mix of floral and geometric stamps (Floral ends & Geo middle, vice versa)

$400        Floral ~ Fully tooled with floral pattern

                         (tip to end)

Additions :

$20          Dyed border ~ Choice of color 

$40          Dyed border and background (behind tooling) ~ Choice of color 

$50          Buckstitching ~ Buckstitch  Lacing with color of choice

~All Brands, initials, and names are INCLUDED along with them painted.

~Paint will vary depending on complexity outside of brands and initials. 


Bi-fold (money clip & bill-fold, 4 cards) *Brands Included

$90       Plain ~ No tooling, no dye

$130     Geometric Stamp ~ Basketweave, cross-hatch, diamond, etc

$150.    Geometric and Floral mix

$180   Floral ~ Fully floral 

$15 ~ dyed edges & background (behind tooling if floral)

Roper Wallet (6 cards on one side, receipt pocket on other) *Brands Included

$170    Plain ~ No tooling

$180    Geometric ~ Basketweave, cross-hatch, diamond, etc. 

$220    Floral & Geometric ~ Half and half 

$280    Fully Floral ~ Front and back floral tooling

$20 ~ Dyed edges and Background

~ Can replace receipt pocket with another 6 card pocket - $30

Card Wallet (with or without the money clip on back) *Brands and Dye Included

$65      Plain ~ No tooling

$75      Geometric Stamp 

$85      Geometric and Floral mix

$95      Fully Floral tooling

$20      Money Clip (OPTIONAL)

Phone Wallet (Sticky back) *All Brands and dye are included

$50      Plain ~ No tooling

$65      Geometric ~ Basketweave, cross-hatch, diamond, etc

$75      Floral (traditional tooling)

Knife Sheath:

Single Loop *Brand and Dye Included

$30     Plain

$45     Geometric

$65     Floral Tooling

$10 ~ Buckstitching (OPTIONAL)

Pancake Sheath *Brand and Dye Included

$45     Plain

$65     Geometric 

$75     Floral Tooling

$15 ~ Buckstitching (OPTIONAL)

Dog Collar:

$55     Plain ~ Simple stitching pattern (Slick or rough-out)

$80     Geometric

$120    Geometric & Floral Tooling 

$165   Floral tooling 

$15 ~ Buckstitching 

(The buckle is not included, if you want a buckle added it will be whatever the cost of the buckle is. If you have a specific buckle you like send a link and I will order.)